Nanofiltration by Carbon Nanotubes Nanomesh TM Technology

OpenMS and Seldon Technologies are expanding the boundaries of science, creating new filtration materials for the betterment of the world's population. Seldon has created novel nanotechnology filtration products which will save lives, clean the environment and help restore the balance between humans and the Earth's resources.

WaterTap Flex for Residential WaterTap Max for Residential and Professional
WaterStick for Civil and Military WaterBox 300 for Military and Humanitary Support

Seldon's proven and tested products quickly clean water without the use of heat, chemicals, power, ultraviolet light or contact time. Seldon's water products function at a high flow rate to EPA drinking water standards. This amazing technology offers high flow rates with low resistance, provide reliably clean water free of cyst, bacteria & virus.

With our ecológical nanofiltration solution no water is wasted, all the water flowing through our products is cleaned, a real advantage in a time of water shortage. Simple to operate require a little maintenance , immediately produces clean drinking water with no waiting. Do not requiere high pressure, chemicals, power or heat.

Our nanofiltration products are built upon the amazing material properties of the carbon nanotube which include: large surface area, great strength, light weight, high electrical conductivity, rapid heat transport. This unique form of carbon lends itself to processing that transforms the material into an adsorptive media attracting contaminants to its surface.