Hi-Tech Active Glass Filter Media

High quality material with absence of wear or fatigue provides long lasting life span with up to 100 years in pools. Ultra High Filtration Performance with down to > 1µ in optimum conditions. Under normal conditions filters water as if a flocculation had just been done, but without using any additional filtration chemicals. The activated aspects of the media as per shapes and aseptic characteristics included in the Activation Technology prevent bacteria and fungi proliferation in the filter where the chemical products would act in a non - productive manner and therefore offering savings of chemicals up to 80%.  The same pattern is used to significantly reduce chloramines and their unwanted side effects.

The Activation Technology offers the possibility to eliminate approximately 7 times more particles than siliceous sand and the Backwashing of the same occurs in much less time since the Active Filtration Media does not compact or loose properties with usage or with time, easily eliminating the particles of dirt using 1/8 of the averaged needed water as in siliceous sand filters. This translates in substantial savings of water and energy for the backwash and heating, if so needed.

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