Aquair Optimizer TM Water Harvesting from fog and Mist

AQUAIR OPTIMIZER’ Atmospheric Water Collection devices enable the harvesting of the water present in fog, mist and low-lying clouds. They can also collect drizzle and rainfall, channelling everything to a tank or deposit where it is stored for later use. The water obtained is almost completely pure, generally having conductivity and hardness levels of around 200 µS/cm and 3.2 mg/l CaCO3 respectively.

Depending on the zone, rainfall generally occurs at more or less the same time every year, although this period hardly ever coincides with the seasons in which local crops require most water. In many cases, this results in the total or partial loss of the harvest.

The use of ‘AQUAIR OPTIMIZER’ devices offers a solution to this problem, creating a water reserve that can be used when rainfall is insufficient to cover local needs.

Fog contains a huge amount of water which, until now, only trees have been able to take advantage of. ‘AQUAIR OPTIMIZER’ devices imitate the action of the trees and retain and store this valuable natural resource which would otherwise pass over our fields without leaving a single drop of water behind.

Under optimum conditions (i.e. in the presence of intense mist and a moderate wind), our devices are capable of harvesting up to 32 litters per square meter of vertical mesh.

Therefore, a standard 10 m2 devices is capable of harvesting up to 320 litters per day, and a standard installation of 10 devices can provide up to 3,200 litters per day under the optimum conditions outlined above. "AQUAIR OPTIMIZER" devices are completely environmentally-friendly, require no power supply of any kind and are as silent as the trees themselves.

All the water harvested is channelled to a tank as part of a process that generates no waste and does not alter the water cycle, since even if large quantities of water are harvested, the fog or mist is still allowed to pass freely and continue along its natural course.

The devices consist of a vertical frame measuring 5 by 2 meters, and seven 30 cm-wide trays. They are made from galvanized iron, 304 stainless steel and 316 L. stainless steel, and can support both: plastic and metal meshes, or pre-perforated plates. The incorporation of collection trays multiplies the harvesting capacity of the devices.

Furthermore, unlike previous devices, ‘AQUAIR OPTIMIZER’ is also able to collect rainfall. Their estimated working life is 10 years for metal components and 5 years for plastic meshes. The devices are very simple to maintain, and require only sporadic cleaning once or twice a year, depending on the atmospheric conditions. We also recommend that you periodically check the guide lines which fix it to the ground.

There are various ‘AQUAIR OPTIMIZER’ device models, specifically designed to ensure optimum harvests and duration under different climatic conditions.

The high quality of the water obtained prevents corrosion and/or obstructions in the irrigation devices, thus minimizing their maintenance also and prolonging their working life. In the event of having other reserve-based water supplies (galleries, wells, sources, etc.), the water obtained from the devices may be used to improve the general quality of the supply or to reduce the amount extracted or the frequency of said extractions, thus contributing indirectly to the regeneration of traditional reserves